Sign Program for Agritourism

Example of Agritourism signSign Program for Agritourism Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) are guide signs to be used on conventional highways to display business and directional information.

To qualify for a TODS you must have the following:

  • Is your operation considered Cultural, Historical, Recreational, Agricultural, Educational, or Entertainment?
  • Is your operation within ten miles off the nearest state route intersection?
  • Is your operation opened 5 days a week and 8 hours a day OR a seasonal business?
  • Does your operation have a telephone, restrooms, and drinking water OR offers agricultural activities, services, or products?

If you checked all of the above you may qualify for a TODS. To cover the cost of erecting signs and administering the TODS program, each participating tourist oriented business shall pay TDOT the following fees:

Application Fee $25.00
Initial Permit Fee $200.00/per sign
TOTAL $225.00
Annual Renewal Fee $50.00/per sign

*If you are a Seasonal Business you must include a schedule of regular seasonal dates of operation and when it will be opened to the public.

To apply you must fill out an application. You can get an application from:

Tennessee Department of Transportation
Eric Jackson, TODS Program
Suite 400, James K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Telephone: 615-741-0802

Or through the TDOT's website.