Farmers Market Week: Local Foods Plentiful and More Convenient Than Ever

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 | 2:07pm

NASHVILLE-- August marks the peak of growing season, with more types of produce available in larger quantities than any other time of year. August 6-12 is National Farmers Market Week. From special events and activities to lighting up the night in Nashville, it’s a great time to get your fill of fresh, local foods.

It’s easier to find a market than ever before. Weekday markets are now popular, and in areas with dense populations, farmers often set up in a neighborhood for a single afternoon or evening during the week. The combination of convenient locations and abundant supply makes it possible for shoppers to find fresh food for the week in one spot. 

Hot weather crops like melons are plentiful through August, while most summer produce, like tomatoes, sweet corn, beans and squash accelerate their production through the month. 

Farm-direct meats and dairy products round out many farmers markets’ menus. These products are usually available regardless of the season at established markets that offer everything from beef, lamb, pork and poultry to milk, butter and cheese. 

“Farmers are finding their niche,” Nolensville Farmers Market manager Kasi Haire said. “They each have a few items that make them stand out. It’s great for customers because they are able to diversify their shopping and spread the love throughout the market to all the vendors. Food artisan businesses are on the rise and farmers markets are a great place for small businesses to get off the ground.”

Pick Tennessee Products will mark National Farmers Market Week by lighting the Gateway Bridge over the Cumberland River in Nashville. The night of August 8, you will see the bridge lit up in green to recognize Pick Tennessee Products and the impact of farmers markets in Tennessee.

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