Forestry Division

Bulldozer fighting wildfireThe Division of Forestry promotes the wise use of forest resources by helping landowners, fighting wildfires, providing quality seedlings, monitoring insects and diseases, improving urban forests, managing state forests, protecting water quality and collecting forest inventory data. To prevent wildfires, the division trains volunteer fire departments, issues burning permits, enforces fire laws and teaches the public fire safety.

The division grows millions of hardwood and pine seedlings for timber production, wildlife habitat and erosion control, while developing genetically superior stock able to increase yields by up to 30 percent.

The Division of Forestry continues to protect Tennessee's forests by monitoring insect pests, providing information to the public and taking action to control or slow the spread of certain forest pests. Certified inventory foresters take detailed measurements of tree growth, quality, health and use for an annual update on the condition of Tennessee's forests. The division monitors the demand for roundwood and the total volume of timber harvested on private lands. The division also administers federal grants and provides technical assistance for urban forestry and manages state forests for multiple benefits including recreation, wildlife, unique features, timber and water quality.

The division works with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to monitor compliance with state water quality regulations and trains loggers in the use of Best Management Practices.