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Peruvian Independence Day (Peruvian tradition)
Day of the Dead (Mexican Tradition)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration (Mexican religious tradition)
Las Posadas (Mexican Christmas tradition
Novena de Aguinaldos (Columbian Christmas tradition)
Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Festival)
PART TWO: FOLK ARTISTS (Groups and Individuals)
Grupo Folclórico Santa Cruz (Mexican folk dance)
SalsaKnox (Mexican folk dance, salsa)
Las Catrachas del Cerro de Plata (Honduran folk dance, textile arts)
Sandra Henríquez de Matute (Honduran folk dancer, foodways)
Lily Henríquez de Flores (Honduran textile arts, storytelling)
Patricia Silva Reyes (Honduran folk dance, foodways)
Hector Saldivar (Piñata maker, Mexican cartoneria, painting)
Juan Carlos Martin Trejo (Mexican paper mache, ixtle weaving, herbal medicine, wood crafts, music)
The Recendez Family (Mexican foodways, embroidery, storytelling)
Rodolfo Villalpando (Mexican sweets) and Maria Nuño (Rompope)
Mario Navarro (Mexican Pacific foodways)
Elena Landa (Peruvian folk dancer, painting, craft, recitation)
Cecilia Stella Martin (Colombian painter, foodways)
Kukuly Uriarte (Peruvian/Argentine vocalist, guitarist)
Santos Antonio Ascensio (Honduran vocalist, rancheras, punta)
Juan Carlos Gutierrez, aka Azul (Honduran folk singer)
List of Interviews
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