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Promoting Specialty License Plates
This site is designed for individuals and organizations that would like to assist in the promotion and marketing of specialty license plates. In Tennessee, specialty license plates are more than an attractive automobile accessory. They are the lifeline for the arts in our state, and provide over two/thirds of the Tennessee Arts Commission’s grant budget.
Included on this site are downloadable images, suggested text, talking points, and other information that can assist in the promotion of these attractive and important license plates.

individuals and organizations can help spread the word by…

  1. Inserting an ad in your printed materials
  2. Display a banner ad on your website
  3. Display stuffers/flyers at ticket counters and other high traffic areas
  4. Insert stuffers/flyers when mailing tickets
  5. Put a stuffer/flyer on each audience member's chair
  6. Promote in your newsletters and emails
  7. Talk about plates on your Facebook page and other social media networks
  8. Stop by your local county clerk's office to personally thank them for selling specialty & personalized plates
  9. Invite your county clerk to events and recognize their vital support of the arts

The New Arts Plate
Creating The Future Plate

Suggested Text

Make an Impact.
 Pre-order your plate today and help strengthen the arts for tomorrow!
Back the Arts.
Pre-order your plate today!

In Tennessee, specialty license plates are more than just automotive accessories. They are the lifeline for the core of our culture – the arts.
Ninety percent of every purchase of Tennessee’s new specialty license plate supports the Tennessee Arts Commission, which provides funding to artists, schools, and arts organizations across the state.
Pre-order your plate today and help strengthen the arts for tomorrow.

Important Links

General  Marketing Resources
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TN Arts Commission

Suggested Text

Support The Arts
Support the arts by purchasing unique and colorful specialty license plates. It’s a fun way to express your individuality and support the cultural life of Tennessee.  Purchasing a plate provides funding and support for arts activities in your own community through the grant programs offered by the Tennessee Arts Commission.
Available At Your Local County Clerk’s Office.

Investing In These Plates:

  • Provides the primary source of funding for the Tennessee Arts Commission’s grant Programs
  • Funds projects in communities – large and small, urban and rural.
  • Enhances education and appreciation of the arts
  • Generates tax dollars for the state.
  • Leverages private dollars for local arts activities.

Important Links
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Plate Gallery

Information/ Talking Points
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Other Resources
Requesting a new specialty plate for your organization
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For more information on promoting specialty license plates contact:
Suzanne Lynch, Director of Marketing and Development, at 615-741-1703 or e-mail: