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Tennessee Performing Arts Presenters roster
The Tennessee Arts Commission Roster is a resource of information on the arts in Tennessee. One of the four sub-rosters is the Tennessee Performing Arts Presenters (TPAP) roster. The TPAP roster is a staff approved directory of presenters from the entire state of Tennessee.  The goal of the Tennessee Arts Commission’s TPAP roster is to support the work of Tennessee presenters and professional touring artists.

“A performing arts presenting organization is an organization, or department or program of a larger organization, that works to facilitate exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational, and performance opportunities. The work that these artists perform is produced outside of the presenting organization.”  From The Capacity of Performing Arts Presenting Organizations by Mark A. Hager & Thomas H. Pollak

Presenting organizations (presenters) listed on the TPAP roster are organizations that program artists or ensembles to perform works that are entirely rehearsed and produced by the visiting artist or ensemble.  Some producing companies may also present artists or ensembles creating a hybrid company that both produces and presents artistic programs.   These hybrid companies must be able to demonstrate that they present performing artists and ensembles to be eligible to apply for the TPAP roster.  Companies who produce events and only hire guest artists to participate in their own productions are not considered presenters by these standards and therefore are not eligible to apply to the roster. 

Tennessee Performing Arts Presenters (TPAP) Roster Overview
Presenting organizations and facilities are included on the TPAP Roster.  The TPAP roster consists of Presenters from the entire state that book touring artists representing disciplines of dance, literary arts, media arts, music, storytelling, theatre, folk/traditional arts, and multicultural arts. Some presenters also present craft and visual art exhibitions.   

Information for Presenting Organizations and Facilities
For information regarding the application process for the Tennessee Performing Arts Presenters (TPAP) roster, view the TPAP Roster Guidelines.

Information for Touring Artists and Agents
To search for a Presenting organization or facility, view the TPAP Roster.   You may search for Presenting organizations and facilities by region, budget size and genres of artists that are presented.

For questions, please contact: Hal Partlow, Associte Director at or 615.532.9801.