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Current Gallery Exhibit

Hattie Duncan of Jackson, Tennessee is the daughter of a sharecropper who “was always sketching” in his spare time. “He was a folk artist,” she notes, “but we didn’t know that’s what it was called.” Taking after her father, Hattie initiated her calling as a self-taught artist by offering her drawings of maps to school mates for a nickel. In 1997, she began to create sculptures using paper pulp and incorporating found objects such as hangers, bottles and coffee grounds. Her evocative life sized figures represent family and community members, brilliantly colored birds and animals, and vivid figures from her imagination. Describing her sculpture of an African drummer, she notes, “I like the African colors—black, red, and green. As I was creating, that’s what came out—the djembe drummer.” Titles for her work also come from sudden inspiration. “After the storm in 2003, I made a sculpture of two trees dancing, giving thanks for being spared from the storm. And I called it, ‘The Praise Team.’” Duncan has exhibited her work at The University School of Jackson, the West Tennessee Regional Arts Center and the Bank of Jackson. She is featured in a “Creative License” segment, a television series on Tennessee artists.
Cover images from left to right: Pam and Fran, Djembe Rhythms, Flying Peacock.

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