Master Artist / Apprentice Program 2013
A partnership of the Tennessee Arts Commission and
the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists

August 29 - October 18, 2013

Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery

Now in its fifth year, the Master Artist / Apprentice Program was first developed and executed as a cooperative partnership between the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC)  and the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA)  in the summer of 2009.  It was designed to encourage and invest in the continuation, advancement and creation of Tennessee craft by recognizing the role of the master artist / apprentice relationship as a way to preserve the state’s cultural heritage.  The artist pairs were contracted to construct their own specific goals and objectives for learning new skills or techniques and spend seven months in one-on-one intensive training.  The TAC Gallery will exhibit the work generated from this project by these six artists.  The program will be implemented again in the fall of 2013 and is open to all  practicing Tennessee craft artists. For more information regarding the application process and deadlines, contact Hannah Cofer, TACA program director, 615-736-7600, or visit

Master artist/Apprentice 2013



Master Artist Alan Lequire

(above) Master Artist Alan Lequire


The exhibit includes work by Alan Lequire, Kim Winkle, Richard Dwyer, Jeff Slobey, Ellie Richards, and Derek Laurendeau.

The Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery is located at 401 Charlotte Avenue in downtown Nashville.


Free Admission

  For more information on the exhibit contact Julie Horn
at 615- 532-9798, or e-mail:

For ADA inquiries, please contact the Director of Arts Access at 615-532-9797.