March 14 - May 3, 2013

Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery

Shadow May, of Chattanooga, works from the perspective that “life is fleeting.”  This belief lends to the urgent and spontaneous nature of his sculptures. “The fundamentals I gained from apprenticeships and production work early in my career equipped me with a fearless method of creating sculpture – evolving rapidly,” says May.  “Although I spent many years working as a functional potter, I eventually found myself feeling confined by the restrictions of function.  I wanted to create work that would challenge notions of what clay should be and do and look.  Because of that desire, I feel that my sculptures are intuitive and uninhibited and emphasize the value of taking risks.”

Each sculpture is built from monolithic slabs of clay and thrown forms to create large, dynamic pieces.  Instead of hiding the seams, May emphasizes them by using unorthodox tools to seal the joints and create texture.  The spontaneity of the building process is obvious when someone looks down at the final product.  The torn forms, unconcealed joints, and bent slabs reinforce the urgency he conveys in his work.

Shadow May

(Above) "Wood-Fired Form," by Shadow May


Shadow May2

(above - left to right)) "Crayola Series Black" and "Transcend" by Shadow May


Free Admission

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