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The Heart of the Matter explores the concepts underlying impact assessment, an evaluation methodology developed by WolfBrown in association with Baker Richards and Theatre Bay Area to measure the intrinsic benefits provided by arts experiences.

This methodology is designed to provide arts organizations with a systematic way to record, categorize, and analyze individuals’ motivations for attending arts events, the effect arts events have on individuals’ mindsets, and the social utility provided by arts events. After an overview of the methodology as well as the research from which it evolved, the panel speakers will discuss what types of resources are available to the public and how collecting intrinsic impact data can inform and clarify an organization’s artistic vision, purpose, and audience development efforts. They will discuss how this information can help organizations demonstrate their public value to funders and authorizers. In addition, the panel will discuss ways to integrate intrinsic impact measures with more traditional methods of measuring economic, social and other instrumental benefits of the arts programming.

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Clayton Lord
Director of Communications
and Audience Development, Theatre Bay Area
San Francisco, CA

Michael McDaniel
Nonprofit and Endowment Liaison,
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Nashville, TN

Mary Baker
President/CEO, Monroe Harding
Nashville, TN


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