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July 29, 2011

Tennessee Arts Commission Seeks Qualified Presenting Organizations For Inclusion On Performing Arts Roster

NASHVILLE - - The Tennessee Arts Commission is now accepting applications from qualified presenting organizations for inclusion in the online Tennessee Performing Arts Presenter (TPAP) roster. Presenters listed on the TRAP roster are organizations that program artists or ensembles to perform works that are entirely rehearsed and produced by the visiting artist or ensemble.

“The Commission hopes the roster will serve as a resource for the public, performing artists, groups, and their agents,” says Hal Partlow, director of performing arts for the Commission. “We want to grow the roster outside of those currently listed on our Presenters Directory, with the goal of including as many presenters as possible.”

The Tennessee Performing Arts Presenter roster is a searchable database that will eventually take the place of the Tennessee Presenters Directory that is currently located in the resource area of the Commission’s website (www.tn.gov/arts).

According to Partlow, some producing companies may also present artists or ensembles, creating a hybrid company that produces and presents artistic programs. “These hybrid companies must be able to demonstrate that they present performing artists and ensembles to be eligible to apply for the TPAP roster,” says Partlow.  Companies who produce events and only hire guest artists to participate in their own productions are not considered presenters by these standards and therefore are not eligible to apply to the roster.

“As part of the Commission’s strategic plan, we seek to empower Tennessee’s artist and arts organizations with the resources to be major contributors to their community,” adds Partlow.  “The updated roster will serve as an important resource that will move us closer to our goals, and will assist both performing artists and presenting organizations.”

Information about searching the TPAP roster, or for presenters interested in applying to the roster, can be found at: www.tn.gov/arts/Tenn_Perf_Arts_Presenters.shtml. For additional information contact Hal Partlow at hal.partlow@tn.gov.

The Tennessee Arts Commission is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to ensure the citizens of Tennessee have access to and participate in the arts.

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