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ELIGIBILITY (organizations):
Before or at the time of application, all 501 (c) (3) grant applicants must provide the Commission with copies of all of the basic nonprofit status documentation, which includes a copy of the organizations:
►         Tennessee State Charter
►         IRS 501 (c) (3) Determination Letter
►         Recent copy of the By-laws of the organization
OR the organization must submit proof that:
►         The institution is an entity of government.

These documents must be submitted before making application or provided with the application in order to be considered for funding.  Failure to provide all nonprofit status documentation at the appropriate time will result in the application being disqualified.  Organizations who have received Commission funding in the past two years may assume that these documents are complete and on file with the Commission unless otherwise notified


Performing Arts Program Grants & Guideline Links

Arts Project Support (APS): This category provides funds for a wide variety of public value arts projects conducted by an organization located in an urban area.  An organization may submit only one (1) APS application within any Fiscal Year. 
Rural Arts Project Support (RAPS): RAPS also provides funds for a wide variety of quality arts projects in Tennessee’s rural areas. An eligible organization may submit only one (1) RAPS application within any Fiscal Year.
•APS & RAPS applicants may not apply for a General Operating Support or Major Cultural Institution grant.
•The organization, if eligible, may also submit one (1) Arts Access or one (1) Arts Education grant application.
•Applications must contain a clear, single-project focus. This means that TAC funds requested should be listed under one (1) expense category on the budget page (and should correspond with the Activity Code indicated on the application).
•Grant funds in these categories must be matched one-to-one (1:1).
•A project may start no earlier than July 1 and must end no later than June 15 within the fiscal year the grant is awarded.

Partnership Support (PS): PS grants provide non-project support to established Tennessee arts organizations. This category is designed for non-project assistance toward ongoing administrative costs in amounts of up to twelve percent of the recipient organization's total cash operating expenses in its most recently completed and audited fiscal year. The applicant may request no more than $40,000. Capital expenses, cash reserves, endowment funds, loan repayments or penalties, or furniture and fixture expenditures exceeding $2,500 are not allowable as operating expenses. Most PS recipients are organizations operating with an annual budget below $1 million. However, the category is open to arts organizations with budgets in excess of this level, but who do not qualify as a Major Cultural Institution (see MCI guidelines for further information).  The actual amount of an applicant organization’s grant for PS will depend upon its rating in the review process and upon the total amount of funds available to the Commission for grant allocation.

Individual Artist Fellowship (IAF)This award provides fellowships to outstanding professional artists who live and work in Tennessee.  Grant categories for IAF awards include disciplines within Music, Dance and Theater that are changed each fiscal year. No matching funds are required and no specific project has to be carried out with the grant award. Fellowship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be legal residents of Tennessee at the time of application with a permanent Tennessee mailing address. Those artists who have received full or partial (“Honorable Mention”) fellowships in the past may not reapply for a fellowship. To qualify, an artist must be financially compensated for his or her work, and this compensation must be a significant source of support for their livelihood. The Commission does not recognize in this category full-time students, either elementary, secondary, college, or university as professional artists. Those not eligible to apply include: minors (individuals under 18 years of age), full-time State of Tennessee employees (other than instructors on the faculties of state-supported educational institutions); members of the Commission, its staff, and members of their families.

Major Cultural Institution (MCI): Offers general, non-project support to those well-established Tennessee arts organizations, which represent the highest level of quality programming and administration. MCI applicants must have an annual cash operating income (excluding in- kind contributions) of at least $1 million per year. The maximum grant amount is 10 percent of the total operating expenses of the most recently completed, audited year, up to $100,000. The total cash operating expenses (less any capital expenditures, loan payments or penalties, endowment funds, cash reserves, furniture or fixtures exceeding $2,500.00) will be determined by adding together the personnel, outside fees and services, space rental, travel, marketing, and remaining operating expenses. Prior to its application, the organization must have received, for three (3) of the past five (5) years, previous funding from the Commission through one of its established advisory panel review grant categories.

Touring Arts (TOUR)This category brings professional performers to communities across the state by providing financial assistance to qualified presenters/sponsors.  The Touring Arts program is designed to encourage interaction between performers and community members by requiring an outreach activity in addition to more formal concert or performance. TOUR grant funds are used to pay a portion of the artist’s fee, which is established by the artist.

Amounts requested can range from $350 - $4000 per request. Touring grant funds will be paid by reimbursement after the event.

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