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Talk Back To Me, Tennessee!

The Tennesse Arts Commission has established standards of excellence for serving the citizens of Tennessee. We believe it is our responsibility to:

  • Treat our constituents with courtesy and respect.
  • Respond to inquiries and correspondence with efficiency.
  • Provide clear and accurate information about Commission programs and activities.
  • Provide timely information about funding opportunities and direct constituents to appropriate resources on the agency's Web site.
  • Provide clear and accurate information about Commission policies and procedures.
  • Acknowledge receipt of applications that receive peer panel review.
  • Ensure all eligible applications are reviewed thoughtfully and fairly.
  • Explain the agency's eGRANT online application process.
  • Provide assistance throuogh all phases of the grant making process.
Tell us how we are doing.

Your opinion is important to us. We welcome your comments on how we are doing to meet these standards using the following grading scale:

1 = Poor      2 = Fair      3 = Good      4 = Very Good      5 = Superior

Was a staff member available to talk when you contacted the TAC office?

Were you treated courteously?

Was the staff person you talked to knowledgeable?

Were you satisfied with the staff person you talked to?

Was all the necessary information supplied to you?

Were we attentive to your request or complaint?

How would you rate the attitude of the staff person you talked to?

Did you reach the right person for your call in a timely manner?

How satisfied are you with the accuracy and helpfulness of any written material you requested?

How satisfied are you in understanding the written information you received?

How satisfied are you with the ease of finding information on our Web site?

How satisfied are you with the usefulness of information on our Web site?

How would you grade the eGRANT online application process?

How would you evaluate the ability to retrieve information and material from our Web site?

Talk Back To Us!
Now is your opportunity. In the space provided below, please share any concerns, comments, or suggestions you may have to improve the work of the Commission.
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