The Tennessee Arts Commission 2015-218 Strategic Plan states in Goal 1: Thriving Tennessee Arts and Culture an objective to expand accessibility, participation and inclusion in the arts for all Tennesseans.

Strategies for meeting that objective include:

    •       Define opportunities and target support for underserved communities.

    •       Research and share best practices for audience development, including underserved communities.

    •       Increase arts participation opportunities, including persons with disabilities.


These strategies can be realized through the cooperation of the artists, arts organizations, arts educators, volunteers and supporters who comprise the Tennessee arts industry. We invite you to share with us as we work towards meeting our strategic plan objectives.

All FY15 grantees applying in any TAC Grant category were required to upload an ADA/Accessibility Plan to e-grant as a part of their grant applications. Grant applications that did not include an ADA/Accessibility Plan were considered incomplete.

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination or to request an accommodation, contact William Coleman, Director of Arts Access at 615-532-9797 or the Tennessee Relay Center at 1-800-848-0298 (TTY) or 1-800-848-0299 (Voice).

The Tennessee Arts Commission Accessibility Statement
No person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sex shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination of services, programs, and employment provided by the TAC and its contracting agencies.