Parole Decision Appeals

Parole Hearing Appeals

Tennessee Code Annotated 40-28-105 (d)(11) mandates an appeal review process for offenders whose parole has been denied, revoked or rescinded. It also establishes the criteria for appellate reviews. Responsibility for managing the parole hearing appellate review process is assigned to the Parole Hearings Officers Division. Appellate reviews may be granted for any of the following reasons:

  • Significant new information that was not available at the time of the hearing;
  • Misconduct by the hearings official;
  • Significant procedural error(s) by the hearings official.

The Parole Hearings Officers Division central office staff employs a three-tier review process to review appeals. Appeals that meet the above criteria are forwarded to Board Members for review and final instructions specific to the appeal. Appeal requests must be submitted no later than 45 days after the offender receives notification of the Board's final parole decision. If the Board directs that an appeal hearing should be granted, the hearing will be scheduled on the next available docket and the decision from that hearing is final.

Parole Revocation/Rescission Review Pursuant to 40-28-122(g)

Tennessee Code Annotated 40-28-122 (g) provides for a review process for offenders whose parole has been revoked or rescinded based solely on new charges. Notifications must be submitted in writing to the Board in accordance with the provisions of the law, which may be found here. Offenders or their attorneys who wish to submit a review request based on this law should use this form.