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cover of kindred stories booklet that reads: 2017 tennessee kindred stories of disability: special supporting families edition - connections to communities; photo on cover shows a caucasian family with a father, young adult son, and mother who is hugging and holding the daughter, who has a visible physical disability and appears to be about 10 years old. it's a family portrait taken outside in a field.

Kindred Stories: Special Supporting Families Edition

One of the focus areas of our Supporting Families Community of Practice has been learning more about the needs of families with members with intellectual and developmental disabilities and finding out what strategies they have used to overcome various barriers they experience to full participation in their communities. The Council partnered with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and Tennessee Disability Pathfinder to create this special edition of the Tennessee Kindred Stories project.

The booklet focuses on sharing stories, based on interviews with families, of how some Tennessee families are building good lives for their family member with a disability using both formal services and informal supports in their communities. Common themes surfaced during the family interviews and we have outlined some of those themes throughout this booklet, grouped by the “challenges” and “successes” mentioned by families.​ 

Read "Kindred Stories: Special Supporting Families Edition - Connections to Communities"

More about the publication:

The stories in this booklet were collected by students enrolled in a Vanderbilt University course that provides an introduction to the field of family studies, with special attention paid to families that include children and adults with disabilities. Students interviewed 15 different families in Tennessee who have members with disabilities to get their perspectives, and then summarized those experiences in their own narratives and voices.

In this booklet, we made an effort to honor the families’ experiences (both positive and negative), respect the students' writing, and, at the same time, offer some additional comments about resources and policies that relate to the challenges and successes in becoming valued, participating members of their communities. Thanks to TN Disability Pathfinder for sharing information about valuable resources and tools that can assist families in TN!

To view additional stories on a variety of topics from Tennesseans with disabilities, please visit: http://vkc.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vkc/resources/kindred/

TN Developmental Disabilities and Independent Living Joint Publication

In March 2017, the Council published a special joint publication about the agencies that compose the Tennessee Developmental Disabilities Network and the Tennessee Independent Living Network, and how we are collaborating to have greater impact on Tennesseans with disabilities. The publication provides background information about the histories, missions and programs of these two Statewide Networks in the hopes that individuals with disabilities, families, professionals and policymakers will get connected to our work. 

Read the report.

Expect Employment: Employment First Task Force Report to the Governor

In September 2014, the Governor’s Employment First Task Force released its first report on progress made over the past year in expanding integrated and competitive employment for people with disabilities. Executive Order No. 28 established Tennessee as an ‘employment first’ state. “Employment First” is an approach that emphasizes employment in the general workforce as the first and preferred option for individuals with disabilities receiving assistance from publicly funded systems.

Read 2014 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor. [This report was funded by the Council.]

Read the 2015 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor.

Read the 2016 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor

Past Publications:

Council Annual Reports

​For past reports or print copies of reports, email Tnddc@tn.gov or call 615-532-6615.

Fulfilling the Promise

 Published in 2007 by the TN Developmental Disabilities Task Force, “Fulfilling the Promise” describes the need for programs for people with developmental disabilities other than intellectual disabilities and provides recommendations to address this critical issue.

 Learn more about the Fulfill the Promise campaign at www.fulfillthepromise.org.