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School Garden Resources


Two bowls full of Lake County peas ready to be cooked.

Basics of Developing a School Garden


USDA The People's Garden

Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee: "Growing Healthy Kids"

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: "Childcare Gardens"

Healthier Generation: "How to Start a School Garden"

DHHS Community School Gardens

Florida Agriculture: "Gardening for Grades"


Who to Involve and How to Gain Support


Setting Up and Running a School Garden

"Parents and families will become interested in school gardens if they can see the value for their children. Individual parents may act as volunteers, helping with garden work. Families can be a market for school produce. They can help with children’s “garden homework”, visit the garden and participate in talks, demonstrations, food fairs, celebrations or presentations."

From the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, "Setting Up and Running a School Garden"

Lake County peas cooking on a stovetop.


Benefits of a School Garden


Children in the Garden: An Evaluative Review of the Benefits of a School Garden

Gardens for Learning


How to Fund a School Garden


Florida School Garden Competition

School and Community Garden Grants

Community Garden "Fundraising"


Sustaining a School Garden


Nashville School Garden Coalition

Sustaining Community School Gardens


"Don't be afraid to start small and build. If what you do intially is well received, you'll build support and interest. Form [a] committee of teachers to determine how they might use gardens."

"I was overwhelmed with how much has to be done to build a garden large enough for the school. I finally figured out I had to take one small step at a time. Once there were visible signs, such as landscape timbers, people began asking what they could do to help."

From "10 Challenges to Sustaining a School Garden, with Ideas on How to Meet Them" as presented by the Friends of Burlington Gardens & the Vermont Community Garden Network




School Garden Wizard "Challenges"

10 Challenges to Sustaining a School Garden

Public Health Law Center

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