Plans Review Correction Lists

Below are links to several of the most often used correction (check) lists. These lists are provided for reference only and are not meant to be inclusive of all code and policy requirements.

IBC, IFC, and NFPA 101 (LSC) for state owned/leased buildings, educational occupancies, and any other occupancy requiring an inspection by the State Fire Marshal for initial licensure.
IBC and IFC for all other buildings
  • Assembly/General Occupancy [pdf]
  • Accessible Means of Egress [pdf]
  • Accessibility Correction List [pdf] 2010 ADA Standard
  • Business Occupancy [pdf]
  • Covered Malls Occupancy [pdf]
  • Detention Occupancy [pdf]
  • High Rise Special Requirements [pdf]
  • Residential Occupancy [pdf]
  • Residential Less Than 5K SF Submittal Guidelines [pdf]
Specialty Plan Correction Lists
  • Chemical Laboratory Unit [pdf]
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood and Duct Design Intent [pdf]
  • Fire Pump Design Intent [pdf]
  • Fire Pump Shop Drawings [pdf]
  • Fuel Fired Mechanical and Fire Detection Systems [pdf]
  • Haunted Houses and Special Amusement Buildings [pdf]
  • Paint and Spray Systems - NFPA 33 [pdf]
  • Sprinkler Design Intent  [pdf]
  • Sprinkler Shop Drawings  [pdf]
  • Standpipe Design Intent [pdf]
  • Standpipe Shop Drawings [pdf]
  • Tank Design Intent [pdf]
  • Tank Shop Drawings [pdf]
Other Forms