Notice of Rule Making Hearings

Rule Making Hearings Including Comments and Responses (c/r) and Final Rules
0780-01-41 Tennessee Captive Insurance Companies 12/21/17  
0780-01-05 Unfair Claims Settlement Practices 10/9/17  
0780-01-69 Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts Amendments 10/05/17  
0780-01-41 Tennessee Captive Insurance Companies 7/26/2017  
0780-01-69 Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts Amendments 6/8/2017  
0780-01-55  Navigator and Certified Application Counselor Registration Requirements 5/9/2017  
0780-01-58- Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards 1/10/2017  
0780-01-05 Unfair Claims Settlement Practices 9/28/2016  
0780-01-50 Relating to the Timely Filing of Premium Tax Returns 3/08/2016  
0780-01-94 Use of Senior-specific Designations in Life Insurance and Annuities 2/17/2016  
0780-01-85 Market Conduct Annual Statement Filing Requirements 8/23/2013  
0780-01-66 Standards And Commissioner's Authority For Companies Deemed to Be In Hazardous Financial Conditions 8/23/2013  
0780-01-20 Filling and Approval of Accident and Sickness Policies, Except Credit Accident and Sickness Policies, Premium Rates, and Claim Forms 10/5/2010  
0780-01-58 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards    
0780-01-61 Long Term Care Insurance   Final 11/12/2008
(Effective 2/7/2009)
0780-01-83 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Single Employers    
0780-01-54 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Pools    
0780-1-15 Life Insurance Illustrations    
0780-1-16 Variable Life Insurance    
0780-1-33 Life Insurance Advertising    
0780-1-53 Coordination of Benefits    
0781-1-56 Education Requirements    
0780-1-86 Suitability in Annuity Transactions    
0780-1-89 Military Sales Practices    
0780-1-92 Prebention of Illegal Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements and Other Illegal Health Insurers    
0780-1-56 Educational Requirements Amendments    
0780-1-78 Tennessee County Mutual Insurance Act Rule    
0780-1-80 Tennessee Vehicle Protection Product Act Regulations    
0780-1-82 Rating Appeals Before the Commissioner    
0780-1-84 Medical and Professional Malpractice Claims and Expense Reporting    
0780-1-91 Public Adjusters   Final 6/9/2006
0780-1-58 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards    
0780-1-88 Tennessee Health Insurance Portability, Availability and Renewability Regulations    
0780-1-81 Administration of Self Insurance Workers Compensation Programs by Self Employers of Pools    
0780-7-1 Internet Convenience Fee    
0780-1-54 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Pools C/R for 0780-1-54 Final 11/14/2005
0780-1-56 Educational Requirements for Insurance Producers    
0780-1-59 Aftermarket Crash Parts Regulations    
0780-1-61 Long Term Care Insurance    
0780-1-76 Self-Insuring Associations and Non-Profit Coalitions for Health    
0780-1-79 Adoption of the Tennessee Assigned Risk Plan    
0780-1-81 Administration of Self Insurance Workers' Compensation Programs by Single Employers or Pool C/R for 0780-1-81 Final 11/26/2005
0780-1-83 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Single Employers C/R for 0780-1-83 Final 10/25/2005
0780-1-84 Medical Malpractice Claims Reporting Rules C/R for 0780-1-84 Final 10/25/2005
0780-1-85 Dishonest Acts By Brokers    
0780-1-71 Life Settlement    
0780-1-22 Certifications of Insurance Used in Connection with Casualty Insurance Policies    
0780-1-23 Installment Maintenance Fee    
0780-1-24 Replacement of Life Insurance Policies    
0780-1-26 Agents Writing Travel Accident or Travel personal Property Insurance Required to Pass Written Examination    
0780-1-31 Articles of Association and Rules of Practice    
0780-1-33 Life Insurance Advertising    
0780-1-37 Filing of Annual Statements with the Department of Insurance    
0780-1-41 Tennessee Captive Insurance Companies    
0780-1-45 Medicare Supplement Insurance    
0780-1-46 Securities Held Under Custodial Agreements and Participation by Insurance Companies in Depository Trust Companies and Federal Reserve Book Entry Systems    
0780-1-64 Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation    
0780-1-65 Annual Audited Financial Reports    
0780-1-67 Insurance Holding Company System regulation with Reporting Forms and Instructions    
0780-1-74 Pre-Licensing Education and Examination for Insurance Producers    

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