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Downloadable Reports

  • To find data about licensed insurance professionals, please visit the NAIC website at
  • To find data about professionals licensed with any of the Tennessee Regulatory Boards or Fire Prevention divisions, please visit
  • We are currently remodeling the downloadable reports application, and it is temporarily unavailable.  If you need data reports that you previously retrieved from the application, please send an e-mail to our webmaster.  Please specify in your request for which license type you would like data.
Available license types are
A&E - Architects
A&E - Arct. Firm
A&E - Eng. Firm
A&E - Engineer Interns
A&E - Engineers
A&E - Interior Designers
A&E - LA Firm
A&E - Landscape Architects
Accountancy - CPA
Accountancy - Firms
Accountancy - PA
Alarm Contractor Company
Alarm Qualifying Agent
Alarm Reg Employee
Auctioneer (Public Automobile)
Auctioneer Firms
Auctioneer Firms (Public Automobile)
Barber Licensees
Barber Schools
Barber Shops
Beauty Pageant Registration
Collections Agency
Collections Branch Office
Collections Manager
Contractors:  Home Improvement Contractor
Contractors:  Limited Licensed Electricians
Contractors:  Limited Licensed Plumbers
Cosmetology Licensees
Cosmetology Schools
Cosmetology Shops
Debt Management Services Provider
Explosive User Permits-Blasters
Explosive User Permits-Handlers
Explosive User's Permits-Firms
Fire Compliant Cigarette
Fire Extinguisher Agents
Fire Extinguisher Systems
Fire Protection RMEs
Fire Protection Sprinklers Systems
Fire:  Certified Codes Inspectors
Fireworks Display Exhibitors/Sponsors
Fireworks Display Operators
Fireworks Permits-Annual
Fireworks Permits-Seasonal
Funeral - Cemetery
Funeral - Embalmer
Funeral - Establishment
Funeral - Funeral Director
Funeral - Preneed Provider
Funeral - Preneed Sales Agent
Funeral - Removal Service
Funeral - Student
Health Clubs
Home Inspectors
L.P. Gas Dealer
L.P. Gas Manager / Responsible Emp.
Land Surveyors
Locksmith Firm
Manufactured Housing Installer
Manufactured Housing Manufacturer
Manufactured Housing Retailer
Modular BLDG Construction Inspection Agency
Modular BLDG Design Review Agency
Modular BLDG Unit Dealer
Modular BLDG Unit Installer
Modular BLDG Unit Manufacturer
Motor Vehicle Auctions
Motor Vehicle Dealers
Motor Vehicle Dismantler/Recycler
Motor Vehicle Mfg/Dist.
Motor Vehicle Recreational Vehicle Dealers
Motor Vehicle Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer/Distributor
Motor Vehicle Reps
Motor Vehicle Salesmen
Motor Vehicle TN Automotive Mobility Dealer
P.I. Certified Trainers
P.I. Companies
P.I. Investigative Training Company
P.I. Private Investigators
Polygraph Examiner
Private Probation Services
RE Appraisers: Appraisal Management Company
RE Appraisers: Licensees
RE Appraisers: Temp Practice
Real Estate: Acquisition Agent License
Real Estate: Acquisition Agent Registration
Real Estate: Acquisition Representative
Real Estate: Agents-Broker, Affiliate, Time Share
Real Estate: Designated Agent For VLS
Real Estate: Firms
Real Estate: Rental Loc. Agent
Real Estate: Rental Loc. Firm
Real Estate: Timeshare Registration
Real Estate: Vacation Lodging Service
Scrap Metals Business Location
Scrap Metals Registration Program
Security Companies
Security Guards - Armed
Security Guards - Unarmed
Security Trainers
Soil Scientist
TN Athletic Commission-Licensees
TN Athletic Commission-Permits