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Tennessee Real Estate Commission
2017 Outreach Locations and Tentative Dates
Association  Location Tentative  Date Tentative  Time
CWTAR Jackson, TN August 15, 2017 9:30am
MAAR Memphis, TN May 10, 2017 2:30pm
NETAR Kingsport, TN June 21, 2017 2pm
KAAR Knoxville, TN June 22, 2017 10am
MTAR Murfreesboro, TN August 11, 2017 9am
WCAR Brentwood, TN August 14, 2017 9am
GNAR Nashville, TN August 23, 2017 9am
GCAR Chattanooga, TN October 4, 2017 1pm


Clarifying Law T.C.A. § 62-13-318  

Retiring a License and CE Credit

New legislation was enacted during the 2016 legislative session regarding license retirement. Public Chapter 838, Section 10, amends T.C.A. § 62-13-318 by eliminating the requirement that all education requirements specified in § 62-13-303 must be completed as a condition to temporary retirement of a license. Instead, the licensee must complete the education requirement (16 hours of CE) prior to reactivation and must do so within the current license renewal period in which they are seeking reactivation. Thus, if a licensee reactivates a retired license within the same renewal period in which the license was retired, any continuing education hours obtained prior to retirement within that renewal period would count toward the 16 hours required to reactivate.

New forms-

In attempts to make all of TREC’s forms current and up to date, TREC has updated the TREC 1 form for all licensees to use when making changes, TREC has created a TREC 2 form for all firms to use to make changes, the  Initial Firm Application, and Initial Designated Agent applications have been updated. Additionally, TREC has created an independent form exclusively for the transferring of firms for licensees. Go onto our website to download your new forms!