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Escape Attempt Foiled At Turney Center Industrial Complex

Friday, October 21, 2016 | 10:43am

ONLY - The quick work of our Correctional Officers stopped an escape attempt at the Turney Center Industrial Complex.  During a routine count, officers found that inmate Arthur Milks #420714 had not returned from his prison work assignment.  At that time emergency procedures were activated and the facility was placed on temporary lockdown.  During the course of that investigation, it was determined that Milks was planning to escape from the facility.  Inmate Milks was discovered in an area near his work location (inmate food service area) attempting to conceal himself from staff.  It must be stressed that Milks did not escape from the secure facility.  This means no fences were breached during this attempt and he never left the secure area of the prison.

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