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Office of Health Services

Health Services sets the policy standards for the delivery of offender health care and evaluates the care provided throughout the TDOC system. Health Services performs extensive medical and dental screenings on all offenders immediately upon arrival at intake facilities. Tennessee's correctional health care system is a multidisciplinary approach that offers access to a health care delivery system providing offenders with access to such services as medical and dental sick call, emergency care, chronic care clinics, medication management, diagnostic tests and procedures, infirmaries, inpatient hospitalization, substance use treatment and specialty services working closely with Mental Health Services to ensure unified delivery of integrated health care.

The TDOC strives to improve the health status of its inmate population while providing for them a safe housing and working environment. Communicable illnesses such as TB, MRSA, and HIV/AIDS continue to be a major focus for Health Services. In addition. the department has begun to implement a major effort to standardize treatment plans and guidelines for the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis c, and asthma.


Through the contract for medical services, Health Services utilizes managed care practices to assure the efficient management of our medical and dental operations and expenditures. The utilization managment system is used to pre-approve all requests for specialty consultations. In addition, the Office of Clinical Services is committed to providing a level of care within the department's infirmaries that allow us to treat offenders at the institutional level, when clinically appropriate, instead of relying on more costly outpatient care.

Scope of Medical Services

On-Site Services
Chronic Care Clinic Medical Classification
Daily Sick Call Clinic Periodic Health Appraisals
Dental Care and Services Quality Improvement
Hospice (DSNF and TPFW only) Skilled Nursing Care (DSNF and TPFW only)
Immunization Telemedicine
Initial Health Assessment 24/7 Nursing Services
Inmate Health Education  

Hospital Services
Emergency Care Secure Unit
Hospitalization Utilization Management

Ancillary or Special Services
Audiology Ophthalmology
Cardiology Oral Surgery
Dermatology Orthopedics
Ear, Nose and Throad Orthopedic Surgery
Endocrinology Pharmacy
Gastroenterology Podiatry
General Surgery Physical and Occupational Therapy
Infectious Disease Pulmonology
Laboratory Radiology
Mobile CT and MRI Renal Dialysis
Mobile Mammography Respiratory Therapy
Nephrology Thoracic Surgery
Neurology Urology
Neurosurgery Vascular Surgery
OB/GYN Vision Care

Support Services
Medical Furlough Requests Utilization Management

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