Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic frequently asked questions about Gateway to Independence. For more information, please speak with a teacher or your case manager. 

What is Gateway to Independence?
A youth development center that offers technical certifications, job training and online courses to eligible students. 

What will I do in the program?
You are going to receive free independent living skills, job skills, career and academic opportunities. There will be on-site instruction and some off-site opportunities as well.

What academic options will I have?
Everything from high school classes, online courses, ACT prep, creative writing and secondary education options.

What kind of career or technical training can I get?
Certifications in areas such as culinary arts, barbering, Microsoft office and c-tech network cabling programs.

What is the advantage of participating in this program?
You leave with certifications and credits that will help you further your education or find a job.

What if I am going to be discharged before I finish an online class?
You can finish those classes online from home.

What if I am going to be discharged before I finish an in-house certification class?
We can try to assist you in meeting your timeline.

Will I be able to get an off-campus job?
Yes, if you meet the qualifications. 

Will there be off-campus outings?
Yes, if you meet the qualifications.

Can I go on home passes?

Will there be family days?