Online Foster Parent Training

Parents can receive training credit by viewing videos online and completing the form provided with each link. See the list of available trainings below and use the links to view videos and download supporting files. Submit a separate form for each person to receive a certificate for each training.

Click the course title to view the training.

Category Course Title Hours
Child Development Child Development 1
Trauma Trauma Talk: When Children Talk about Their Traumatic Experiences 1.5
Culture Hair Care for Black and Multicultural Children 1
Trauma Coping Skills for Children of Drug Addicted and Mentally/Emotionally Challenged Parents .5
Trauma Violence and Trauma: Impact of Child Development, Behavior and Learning (Parts 1 and 2) 1
Trauma ReMoved (Parts 1 and 2) 1
Trauma Domestic Violence and Its Impact on the Developing Child 1
Teens Success Beyond 18: Transitioning Youth to Adulthood 1
Trafficking Human Trafficking Awareness (Department of Homeland Security) .5
Trafficking Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Our Foster Youth 1
Sexual Abuse Understanding Healthy vs. Unhealthy Sexual Behavior in Children and Youth 1
Behavior Behavioral Challenges in Foster Care 1
Behavior Behavior Management Ages 11-18 (3 part video) 2.5
Education Working with the Education System 2
Discipline 10 Ways to Discipline Your Children .5
Safety Safety Planning for High Risk Behaviors for Children in State Custody (Policy 31.18) 1
Well-Being Working with Children Who Have Diabetes 1
Parenting KInship to Traditional Foster Care 3