Interstate Compact for Juveniles

This office, in the Juvenile Justice division, monitors the movement of youths on probation or parole coming into and out of Tennessee. The compact also allows the state to return runaway youth to their home state.

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is established to fulfill the objectives of the Compact, through means of joint cooperative action among the Compacting states to promote, develop and facilitate a uniform standard that provides for the welfare and protection of youths, victims and the public by governing the Compacting states’ transfer of supervision of youths, temporary travel of defined offenders and return of youths who have absconded, escaped, fled to avoid prosecution or run away.

Sources:, (Authority: Tenn. Code Ann. § 37-4-101 (2017), Crime Control Act, codified in 4 U.S.C. § 112 (1965)

Interstate Compact for Juveniles Contact Information

Name Title/Responsibility Office Phone Mobile Phone Email
Cathlyn Smith, MSW, MS ICJ Commissioner (615) 532-5548 (615) 804-7103
Correnthia Copeland, MS Contact for Runaways, Travel Permits, Incoming/Outgoing & Home Evaluations (615) 741-9856 (615) 604-6745
Quincy Hughes, MSW Contact for Quarterlies, Violations & Closures (901) 348-3906 (901) 201-1835


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Interstate Compact for Juvenile forms are available for download in Word and Adobe PDF format online at the Interstate Commission for Juveniles, the rule-making authority of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.

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