Foster Parent Support Workers: Advocates & Guides

Foster Parent Support workers monitor foster homes and make sure the homes are in compliance. Our workers visit the foster homes monthly in order to make sure the homes are in good standing and they also visit and monitor foster homes that are not currently occupied with children.

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On Our Watch: A Veteran Social Worker Reflects on a Vermont Tragedy

Being a child welfare worker is in many ways like being a police officer.  Although the charge and approach is very different, workers are often the bad guys, baby snatchers.  For the thousands of children helped or saved, the only story that makes it to the media is the one time where a worker, in hindsight, made a mistake.  

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Letter to a Caseworker

On July 24, 2014, an 11-year-old ended her journey with the Department of Children Services and walked into her new life.

She came into custody as so many other children do, as dependent and neglected. Her parents made a hard decision to surrender their parental rights and allow her the chance at permanency with another family. When a kinship placement didn’t work out, she was welcomed into a forever family, who helps her maintain relationships with birth family members who continue to support her journey.

When she wrote this letter voluntarily to her DCS staff, she signed her chosen new name: “Taylor.”

As the caseworker from the Smoky Mountain DCS Region wrote: “Taylor is as unique and wonderful as they come.”

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