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DIDD will offer training for providers and DIDD employees on all phases of Project Titan. The Titan System will be implemented in phases and will have appropriate training for each phase accordingly. The curriculum profiles will outline a recommended path and approximate training time for the major stakeholder groups. The implementation of the training strategy is being developed and will outline the necessary considerations that include the target audience, learning content, and training environments; as well as, scheduling and delivering the system training. We will keep you updated on our progress here on our Titan website.

Updated July 15, 2014

Phase 1, Stage A of Titan was implemented on May 27, 2014 and the training team did a great job on executing training in all 3 regions prior to implementation. The training team consisted of several T3's and staff development staff. Our T3's did an awesome job on training with very little preparation! We much appreciate their hard work!


They are Tiffany R. Johnson, Lisa Echols, Nichelle Martin, Andrew Drake, Ricki Spence, Greg Voica, Sandy Sledge, and Linda King.


We have completed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding implementing Titan and this is posted on the Titan home page under FAQs. We would like to maintain this site with your questions, so if you have any new ones that you think might be helpful to other persons, please let us know.


Our Business Analysts have been working with the regions on additional trainings that were not included in the original training modules. We appreciate all of their help as well! The Titan Team is reviewing the material for Phase 1, Stage B now. We are excited to continue our endeavor of having the Titan System fully implemented to ensure an integrated system.


The training team will be developing strategies for implementation to include the target audience, learning content, schedules and training environment. This phase of training will include a wider audience and we will ensure that all needed participants are included in the training. We will keep you updated on our progress here on our Titan website.


Training Schedules Announced for Phase 1, Stage A
We are happy to announce that training has been scheduled in the regions for the first stage of Titan!  The Titan team has completed a roster of employees who will need this training for this first phase and we will be distributing it soon.  The dates for “train-the-trainers” (T3s) and the regional training sessions are below.

May 14-16, 2014:
The Titan train-the-trainers (T3s) will be at Middle Tennessee Regional Office (MTRO) for their training. There will be 2 T3s from West, 2 T3s from Middle, and 4 T3s from East (due to having two training sites in East to save on employees traveling). We will only be utilizing a fraction of the trainers for this phase of implementation due to the limited material to train. However, we will be utilizing all of the T3 trainers throughout the future Titan phases.

May 20-21, 2014:
Regional training in Middle for Phase 1A at the MTRO.

May 21-22, 2014:
Regional training in West for Phase 1A at the West Tennessee Regional Office (WTRO).

May 21-22, 2014:
Regional training in East for Phase 1A at the Department of Human Services office in Knoxville and at the Greene Valley Developmental Center campus.

T3's by Region


  1. Mary Brinkley
  2. Janet Powers
  3. Vanassa Branch
  4. Vanessa K. Dunnick
  5. Tara D. Tucker
  6. Linda Hall
  7. Tiffany Johnson
  8. Stephanie Holmes


  1. Lynda Overholt (GVDC)
  2. Randy Carrigan
  3. Lorene (Lori) Kieffer
  4. Riki Spence
  5. Greg Voica
  6. Sandy Sledge
  7. Linda G. King
  8. LaKietha Jackson


  1. Nichelle Martin
  2. Toshiro Q. Goodman
  3. Andrew Drake
  4. Dorothy Piphus
  5. Stacy Weatherly
  6. Melissa Hafeli
  7. Eugene Bolton
  8. Amy Jackson


  1. Joyce Munda