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Office of Civil Rights


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act protects qualified people from discrimination because of their disabilities. It protects them while they are applying for or receiving health care, social and employment services. The law applies to employers and organizations receiving federal funds.
Section 504 prohibitions against discrimination apply to service availability, accessibility, delivery, employment, and the administrative activities and responsibilities of organizations receiving Federal financial assistance. A recipient of Federal financial assistance may not, on the basis of disability:

  • Deny qualified individuals the opportunity to participate in or benefit from federally funded programs, services, or other benefits
  • Deny access to programs, services, benefits or opportunities to participate as a result of physical barriers
  • Deny employment opportunities, including hiring, promotion, training, and fringe benefits, for which they are otherwise entitled or qualified....

Additional information and prohibitions against discrimination based on disability can be found in the DHHS Section 504 regulation at 45 CFR Part 84 or please visit: