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New Provider Orientation for Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Director

The Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) Provider Manual (Chapter 5.8 a and b) addresses required orientation for both not-for-profit and for-profit providers. The provider board chair and chief executive officer/ executive director may meet the orientation requirement by attending a DIDD Regional new provider orientation class within ninety (90) calendar days of assuming office or by completing the online equivalent within ninety (90) calendar days of assuming office.


The DIDD Regional new provider orientation class is presented by staff in each Regional Office. It is required that the provider executive director, chief executive officer or other administrator responsible for executing contracts and board chair (as applicable) attend the regional orientation class.  Existing providers who wish to attend are also welcome.


To complete the online New Provider Orientation, go to the Agenda section below. Then click each topic to access its information. For additional information about the topic e-mail the person listed in the specific topic section.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to review the online New Provider Orientation materials prepared by DIDD in lieu of attending the New Provider Orientation class, please review the information carefully. Upon completion of your review, sign, date and retain a copy of the New Provider Orientation Acknowledgment Form, as it must be available for review by Quality Assurance staff during future surveys.

New Provider Orientation Acknowledgment Form


For more information, contact Linda Maurice, Provider Enrollment Coordinator at (615) 532-6568 or



Tori Lindsey
Director of Staff and Provider Development
Julia Jinnette
Contract Services
Brenda Clark
Director Office of Civil Rights
Joyce Munda
Deputy Director of Staff Development
Amy Gonzalez
State Director of Employment and Day Services
Courtney Kelly
Director of Person Centered Practice
Kimberly J. Black
Director of Residential Services
Jon Hamrick
State Appeals Director
Simone Cuarino
Federal Lawsuit & HIPAA Compliance Director
Office of Health Services
Kenneth Binion
Incident Manager Director
Tom O'Brien
Director of Complaints
Joe Kirkpatrick
Deputy Director of Quality Assurance
Lee Vestal
Director of Risk Management and Licensure
Pat Nichols
Assistant Commissioner for Quality Management