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Individual Transportation Services

Individual Transportation Services shall mean non-emergency transport of a waiver participant to and from approved activities specified in the plan of care.  Whenever possible, immediate family members, friends who are involved in providing supports and community agencies who can provide this service without charge should be utilized.

The following transportation services are excluded from coverage:

a. Transportation to and from medical services covered by the Medicaid State Plan/TennCare Program; and

b. Transportation of school aged children to and from school; and

c. Transportation to and from supported or competitive employment; and

d. Transportation that is the responsibility of the provider of a residential service (e.g., Intensive Behavioral Residential, Residential Habilitation, Medical Residential Services, Family Model Residential Support, or Supported Living) or that is the responsibility of the provider of Day Services or Behavioral Respite Services, since it would duplicate services that are the responsibility of the providers.

Individual Transportation Services shall not be provided by the spouse of a waiver participant and shall not be provided by the parent or custodial grandparent of a waiver participant under age 18 years, whether the relationship is by blood, by marriage, or by adoption, and reimbursement shall not be provided for Individual Transportation Services provided by such individuals.

Applicable limits, if any, on the amount, frequency, or duration of this service:
Maximum of 31 days per month


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