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Relias Learning Upgrade of June 24, 2013

Relias Learning is planning a significant upgrade to your current Elevate User Interface.  Your Elevate LMS will be unavailable on June 22nd and 23rd.  On Monday, June 24th, you’ll be using the new Relias Learning Management System (RLMS).  This new upgrade requires no data migration and no changes will be made to your organizational data.

While there will be some nice feature enhancements, there will be no functional changes to your core administrative tasks.  Courses, Curricula, Enrollments, Hierarchy, and Reports work the same way that they work today. Similarly, the Learner interface has been streamlined but should look familiar to your existing learners.  Every effort was made to reduce complexity and streamline functionality.

Please take some time to review the available materials and contact Relias Learning Customer Care with any questions or concerns.

  • Letter to Learners – This note will introduce learners to the new interface that they’ll see.  This is provided in a Microsoft Word™ format so that you can edit and customize this message as you see fit.
  • Learner Introductory Video – This video will introduce your learners to the interface and point out the most important features of the Learner interface. 
  • Administrator Introductory Video – This video is a quick walk through of the RLMS for administrators and supervisors who are familiar with the Elevate LMS.  This video is a guided tour, rather than a feature tutorial. 
  • How-To-Manual (PDF) – This document includes all of the information from our wiki how-to manual updated to reflect the new RLMS.  This is intended as a quick way for you to review the entire system.  After June 22nd, this information will be available on our support Wiki and this document will become obsolete. 
  • Self-Guided Tour – This document is a dynamic presentation that simulates the navigation throughout most of the new system.  You can’t do anything, but any button or link with a green underline can be clicked to help you navigate through most areas of the system.  This tool is intended to help you learn your way around prior to the actual software release. 
  • Tutorial Videos – We have videos which help explain the Curriculum/Enrollment features as well as the Hierarchy.  Although these concepts have not changed in the new version, these videos will be great for new administrators or those who might like a refresher.

We would also like to invite you to attend a live demonstration of the Relias LMS.  Each webinar will cover the same topics and are scheduled at different times to fit into your busy schedule. Please click a day and time to register.

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