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Employee Suggestion Award Program

The Employee Suggestion Award Program (ESAP) provides a way for state employees to submit their good ideas and suggestions to improve state government operations or services and reduce costs. Cash awards are available for adopted and approved suggestions up to $10,000! More information about the program is available in the ESAP Operating Procedures and ESAP Brochure.

Four Easy Steps To Submit Your Ideas

  1. Click on the link to open the ESAP Suggestion form (this is an OmniForm file).
  2. Note: You must submit your suggestion on the ESAP Suggestion form for evaluation.

  3. Complete the form providing information about your idea.
  4. Save your completed ESAP Suggestion form on your computer.
  5. Send your completed ESAP Suggestion form as an attachment to

That´s it! You will receive a confirmation notice of receipt and any follow-up correspondence by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: The ESAP Administrator will return to the sender all e-mails that do not have a completed ESAP Suggestion Form attached.

If you are submitting a suggestion as a team or group idea, please submit the Employee Information page for each individual. Save each additional page and e-mail with the original suggestion.

Should you have additional information to submit with your suggestion, you may scan and submit attachments with your e-mailed suggestion. As an alternative, you may print the completed form and mail with attachments to:

Employee Suggestion Award Program

First Floor, James K. Polk Building

505 Deaderick Street

Nashville, TN 37243-0635

Any questions? Contact us at 615-741-1646 or 1-800-221-7345 (State Employee Information Line).