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Tennessee School Improvement Plan

As required by Federal Law and not waived under our ESEA Flexibility Request, all Title I schools, including Title I Reward Schools, need to submit a school improvement plan to their school district office by Nov. 15.

In order to align with the district strategic plan, school plans are to be developed in consultation with the district, parents, community members and staff carrying out the plan. These plans are to be available for review by department. The plan should demonstrate how the Title I schoolwide or targeted assistance components are integral parts of the overall school plan.

Last year, the department significantly reduced the requirements of this plan and limited it to a maximum of four pages. Attached are suggestions on how to embed these components into the four-page school template. Districts can modify this document or use another document. The school should also document parental involvement in the development and review of the plan and any technical assistance provided in the development of the plan by the LEA or outside team.




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