Spring 2015 Leadership Course Materials

Spring 2015 Leadership Course

PLC Content Area PLC Guide  Supporting Resources   PowerPoint  Videos
TNReady Math Item Types PLC Guide Math Item Types    
TNReady Math Blueprints PLC Guide TNReady Blueprints
Calculator Policy
TNReady Math Task Usage PLC Guide Major Work of the Grade
Task Analysis Guide
TNReady ELA Item Types PLC Guide ELA Item Types    
TNReady ELA Writing Types PLC Guide ELA Writing Types    
TNReady ELA Blueprints PLC Guide TNReady Blueprints    
TNReady Technology Practice PLC Guide   Technology PowerPoint  

Class One (February 25 or March 4) PLC Guides

PLC Content Area PLC Guide Supporting Resources  PowerPoint  Videos
TNReady Overview PLC Guide TNReady Instructional Implications
ELA Instructional Implications
Math Instructional Implications
TNReady Overview TNReady Overview
(on iTunesU)
TNReady ELA Item Deconstruction PLC Guide ELA Instructional Implications
ELA Sample Items (K-5)
ELA Sample Items (6-8)
ELA Sample Items (9-12)
Moving to TNReady in Math PLC Guide Math Instructional Implications
Math Sample Items (K-5)
Math Sample Items (6-8)
Math Sample Items (9-12)
Standards for Mathematical Practices
Being Intentional About Math Practices PLC Guide Mathematical Practices Observation Tool    
Exploring High Impact Writing Strategies PLC Guide High Impact Writing Survey Findings High Impact Writing Strategies  
Spring 2015 Social Studies Field Test PLC Guide Social Studies Standards
Assessment Frameworks
Performance Level Descriptors
Sample Items