Tennessee Educator Survey Support

If the guidance below does not resolve the issue, please submit a help request through the form at the bottom of the page.  An individual from the Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation and Development (TNCRED) will contact you about your request.

Please be aware that Vanderbilt staff will not be able to assist you without your Tennessee educator license number, which can be found through the Tennessee Educator Licensure Information search page).

NOTE: Most Tennessee license numbers are 9-digits long with the first three digits of zero: 000XXXXXX. Some districts, such as Davidson County, use a different 6-digit employee id. Submit your Tennessee license number, not your district-specific I.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Was I Selected to Receive a Survey?

Every certified educator in Tennessee’s Education Information System (EIS) receives an email with a link to the survey via the email address listed in the TDOE educator evaluation database, TN Compass. That link then allows participants to access the survey online and complete it at their convenience. After the initial invitation, weekly reminders are sent only to those individuals who have not yet completed the survey.

Should I Encourage Colleagues to Take the Survey?

Yes. Please encourage your colleagues to complete the survey.

May I Share My Survey Link?

Please DO NOT share your individual survey link for colleagues to complete the survey. Each link can only be used one time. If your colleague has not received their own personalized link to the survey, please direct them to this website for more information.

I Did Not Receive A Link To The Survey.

Please check any junk mail or SPAM folders to make sure the email was not filtered into an unintended destination folder. The survey invitation, and all reminders are sent from tnconsortium@vanderbilt.edu.

Educators should expect to receive their invitation to complete the survey at the email address listed in TNCompass. Individuals who believe they may have used a non-work email for TNCompass should be sure to check the appropriate personal email account (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) that may have been registered in the system.

If you cannot locate your invitation and/or reminders in any email folders, please use the form below to provide the requested information to Vanderbilt research staff.

The Link I Received Does Not Work.

The survey is a unique key survey. This means that each participant has a specific link that should not be forwarded to another participant. Survey links can only be used once. If you have colleagues who need a link to the survey, please direct them to the form on this website for assistance.

The Survey Unexpectedly “Kicked Me Out.” When I Go Back, Nothing Is Saved.

To ensure your answers are saved, be sure to save each page as you take the survey. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve unsaved responses.

If the survey comes to an abrupt end, it may be an indication of incompatibility with your Internet browser. A list of operating systems and browsers supported by our survey platform is available here.

I Clicked Through To The End of the Survey, But I Can No Longer Take It.

If you review the survey and reach the final page, your incomplete survey will be recorded as complete and you will not be able to go back.