TNReady Score Reports

Understanding TNReady Score Reports

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We are providing new TNReady family and educator reports, which provide more information than ever before for parents, educators, and students on individual student achievement and growth. The reports were redesigned over the course of a year with significant input from parents and educators from across the state and will be provided to high school parents and teachers this fall to share their student’s End of Course results in math, English, and U.S. History. Score reports for science courses will maintain the old format and will be redesigned for the 2018-19 school year, when there are new science standards and assessments.

Due to the suspension of state testing for students in grades 3-8, families and teachers of those students will not be able to receive full reports. However, in mid-November schools will receive some information about students' raw scores, and families are advised to contact their schools later this year if they want to know how their student performed.

Redesigned Family Reports

The new design of the family reports offers the ability to see how a student performed when compared to grade-level expectations set by educators in Tennessee. This level of individual student performance is clearly displayed in comparison to the student’s school, district, and state averages, and new descriptors for student performance—mastered, on track, approaching, or below—indicate the student’s level of understanding based on the concepts and skills expected of students in that grade or course. Parents and families will also be able to better understand their student’s strengths and areas of improvement, and the reports include a new section that provides families with next steps to consider. Family reports will be provided in November.

Revised Educator Reports

These include:

Revised educator and standards analysis reports will be shared with high school teachers in November to share results from the End of Course math, English, and U.S. History exams. These reports will allow educators to identify areas where their students exceeded, met, or were below expectations when compared to other students in Tennessee, and the standards analysis report outlines how their students performed on each tested standard, allowing teachers to continually refine their practice and grow as educators.

Redesigned School Summary Reports

This fall, school leaders will receive new comprehensive school score reports, which will provide a building-level perspective on how students performed.