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Part I has been eliminated, and the entire test in grades 3-8 will be a field test this year. All students will participate in the field test during the 2016-17 end-of-year test window. Field tests are not scored for a grade and do not factor into educators’ evaluations. Instead, field testing is a process that education leaders and psychometricians use to ensure that, for future tests, students are only scored on test questions that are valid and appropriate for them to take. The grade 3-8 field test will be given in one, 50-minute test. That is 85-95 minutes shorter than last year’s test—a reduction of as much as 66 percent, or two-thirds.

U.S. history/geography, which is the only state End of Course exam in social studies, will be given in three subparts at the end of the year and will be 40 minutes shorter than last year.

The U.S history/geography blueprint is available here. Please note there are not current blueprints for grades 3-8 social studies because these grades will be field tested this year.