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Research Studies, Surveys And Reports

Research Studies:

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

Programs of Study: A Cross-Study Examination of Programs in Three States

The Impact of Career and Technical Education in Tennessee:

Studies of School Dropouts in Tennessee:

Study on Methods of Curriculum Integration in Tennessee:

A Study for the General Assembly of Tennessee
(Public Chapter No. 354; HB 1225, SB 1385)

Harvard Study: Pathways to Prosperity


Employer Expectations Survey:

Increasing Minority Participation in CTE:

WCCTE-CTE Survey: Increasing Minority Students' Participation in the CTE Program as a Program Concentrator

Other Resources

Advisory Panel/Committee Resources:

Special Education Resource Guide:

A Working Model for Student Success: The Tennessee Technology Centers

Local Workforce Investment Area Information:

  • Demand Career Tips Card - Takes users in seven steps to the page on the The Source Internet System which has links to specific types of information.
  • Jobs4TN

2006 Resource Guide to Career and Technical Education in Tennessee

Tennessee Council for Career and Technical Education

Biennial Reports