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District Information

The Tennessee Department of Education consists of 137 school districts. These districts, also called local education agencies or LEAs, are the central point of action for Tennessee schools. Districts oversee activities in individual schools and work to ensure that students are moving towards achievement goals.

The department measures district accountability with a system enacted in 2012, following Tennessee’s waiver from certain portions of the No Child Left Behind Waiver. Districts are measured on improvement on statewide achievement tests and improvement among subgroups of students. More about the system can be found on the Assessment and  Accountability sites.

Eight Centers of Regional Excellence, or COREs, support the school districts in reaching their goals, by analyzing data and adopting effective practices for professional development and classroom instruction.

The operations page contains links for districts officials to log in to access online databases for EIS, student management, TVAAS and more.

Districts can find information on accounting, budgeting and reporting (including BEP funding) on the Section of Local Finance site.  Updates regarding federal programs can be found through the Federal Programs Office.

The Division of Resource and Support Services assists with a variety of district and school operations, including health, safety, transportation, facilities, human resources, data and technology.

The Office of Textbook Services coordinates textbook approval and adoption for districts across the state.