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Best Practices in Character Education

Application Process:

As part of the legislative mandate (TCA 49-6-1007) revised in 2004, the Department of Education will be recognizing schools that have developed model instructional methods and administrative policies for the delivery of character education.  The Department will showcase the chosen practices at an appropriate statewide venue.  Recognized schools/districts will receive a certificate of merit and will become part of a mentoring network for high-quality character education initiatives.


  • You may apply as a district or as individual schools.  Provide the following information:
  • District name or official school name
  • Address
  • Contact person’s Name, Phone, Fax and Email
  • Grade level and Number of Students
  • Respond, in narrative form, to the questions below.  Responses should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and no more than 3 pages in length.  Supplementary materials should not be included.
  • Submit three (3) copies to:

Lori Paisley, Director of Special Projects
710 James Robertson Parkway
9th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
Phone: (615) 532-0469
Fax: (615) 253-5705

Best Practices Applications must be received on or before June 30.

Questions to Address:

  • What is the instructional method or administrative policy being recommended? How is it being implemented in the school/district and how does it contribute to character development?
  • What impact is the method or policy having on students/staff?  Describe the skills, attitudes or behavioral changes that have occurred as a result of this practice.
  • Describe any community involvement related to the implementation of this strategy.  Discuss how the parents/community is involved in supporting the character education strategy.  What methods are used to communicate the goal of the activity?