ESSA Town Hall Survey

This winter, Commissioner McQueen is hosting a series of regional town halls to continue the conversation with parents, educators, advocates, and community members as we develop our state plan to transition to ESSA. At the town halls, she is outlining the highlights and opportunities that ESSA presents and walking through key strategies in five areas of opportunity. You can read the documents that town hall participants receive here:

Highlights and opportunities

Opportunity 1: Set high expectations that align to postsecondary and workforce readiness so all of Tennessee’s students are able to pursue their chosen path in life

Opportunity 2: Attend to the needs of all students in pre-K-12—especially historically disadvantaged students—so they can experience success after high school

Opportunity 3: Provide support, funding, intervention, and innovation for persistently low-performing schools

Opportunity 4: Focus on strengthening and supporting educators

Opportunity 5: Empower districts to drive toward student goals