Update License Information

Add a Degree

In order to add a degree to a license, educators must complete a request via the tdoe.tncompass.org site. Degrees must be obtained from a regionally accredited institution.

In addition, official transcripts reflecting the degree and its conferral date must be submitted by an accredited institution through an online clearinghouse to Educator.Licensure@tn.gov or mailed to the following address:

TN Department of Education
Office of Educator Licensing
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower, 12th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Photocopied or student issued transcripts are not accepted.

Regionally Accredited Institutions

Change Name or Address

Submit information through TNCompass

  1. Log into TNCompass
  2. Select Transactions and start a new transaction by selecting Name Change. Read related information and start transaction.
  3. Read related information, continue and complete Name Change Form and add appropriate attachments. Verify accuracy of information
  4. Read Submission Confirmation and submit.
  5. Under Submission Notes, select Personal Affirmation and complete Name Change Transaction - Personal Affirmation.
  6. Confirm accuracy of submission and submit. Confirm Personal Affirmation and click submit.

Acceptable Legal Documentation

Forms of legal documentation accepted by the Office of Educator Licensing are:

  • A photocopy of the notarized/certified marriage license
  • A copy of a divorce decree
  • A copy of the court order that generated the legal change of name.

Social security cards and drivers’ licenses are NOT acceptable for the purpose of requesting a name change.