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Energy Management/Education Program

For the past three years, the Energy Efficient Schools Council ("Council") created by the Energy Efficient Schools Initiative (EESI) Act of 2008 has provided over $87 million in grants and loans to public K-12 school districts for energy efficiency projects. Also included in this act was the purpose for the Council to establish and support ongoing energy management in K-12 schools. The Council has allocated $4,109,428 to public K-12 school districts to be used for energy management and energy management education. This funding will be allocated based on the most recent average daily membership by school district, and is attached. The goal of energy management is to reduce energy waste and conserve costs while providing a safe and comfortable learning environment.

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ADMs FY13 Incentive Grant Redistribution $4,109,428

EESI Loans

School districts interested in applying for a loan from the Energy Efficient Council Fund should contact Paul Cross, Executive Director of EESI
to discuss the project and loan funds to be requested.

Click here for a copy of the Loan Agreement language.