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Prescriptive Incentives

How to Participate

  • Check Application Forms for incentive levels and equipment requirements.
  • Check the School District Grant Caps.
  • Work with contractor or supplier to choose high efficiency equipment.
  • Once equipment is selected, apply for funding (before equipment is purchased).
  • EESI will review application and notify school of approval.
  • EESI will conduct a pre installation site visit.
  • Implement the project and commission equipment.
  • EESI will conduct a post installation site visit to verify installation and commissioning of high efficiency equipment.
  • Schools can invoice for progress payments as they receive invoices from vendors and contractors.
  • Save money and the planet with your high efficiency equipment.

Application Forms

To apply, fill out the main application form, and the appropriate technology application forms. If applying for multiple buildings, please submit one technology application for each building. The incentives will automatically calculate as you populate the appropriate fields.

Main Application

Technology Applications:

Lighting Application

HVAC Application

Kitchen Application

Motors and VFDs Application