Current Loan Application

The Energy Efficient Schools Initiative is available to public school districts for projects to improve the learning environment and increase energy efficiency in your facilities. Tennessee schools have already received $74,000,000 in low interest loans to fund facility improvements which are repaid through energy cost savings. Most projects have generated positive cash flow over and above the annual loan payment amounts. The terms for this round of loans are an administrative cost fee of .075% on loans under $1,000,000 and 1% on loans in excess of $1,000,000. The payback period is determined by the annual energy cost savings and cannot exceed twelve years.

Eligible projects include lighting retrofits and controls, HVAC upgrades, building automation systems, retro-commissioning, upgrades to more efficient appliances and certain building envelope improvements.  Project required architectural and engineering services are also eligible.

All project applications will be reviewed by EESI’s Technical Advisory Committee which will verify the proposed energy cost reductions to assure adequate savings to fund the loan debt. Assistance in completing the application will be provided to district personnel from EESI staff upon request. Our office can also recommend additional low cost project funding opportunities if the amount of funds we have available is less than you need.

The application is available for download for completion. If you have further questions contact Scott Slusher at 

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