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The Tennessee Health Information Exchange (HIE) will make it easier for your participating doctors to obtain and share your vital health information. So, they’ll get it faster. And it will be more complete.

There are many benefits associated with electronic health records and the Tennessee Health Information Exchange:

  • Improved Safety and Quality
    • Access to information about care you receive gives your health care providers a better, more complete picture of your health.  Instead of having to remember your medical history, including the details of the medications you take, health information exchange will make that available for your health care providers who participate in the HIE.
  • Available in Emergency
    • If you are in an accident and are unable to explain your medical history to health care providers, they can find the information about your medications, recent procedures, health issues, and tests from your providers who participate in the HIE. This will help them make informed decisions faster.
  • Tracking for Protection
    • When your health information is shared electronically, information about access to your record is stored electronically. This can include the identity of those who reviewed your record, and the reason your record was accessed. This tracking is more advanced and accurate than the way in which paper medical records are tracked.
  • Reduced Duplication
    • Health care providers will be able to view available tests you've recently had done, as well as the results of those tests.  Because of that access, those tests may not need to be repeated.