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Welcome to the Tennessee Health eShare Direct

Tennessee Health eShare Website

What is the Health eShare Direct Project?
The Health eShare Direct Project is Tennessee’s statewide initiative to promote the understanding and adoption of Direct Technology.  Direct technology allows participants in healthcare – physicians, clinical labs, patients, and public health agencies – to send and receive medical information in a secure way. 

How does Direct benefit providers?
Direct empowers physicians and hospitals to deliver better care with increased efficiency and lower costs.

Using Direct, all connected parties can securely transfer medical summaries, hospital discharge information, diagnostic tests and more. With vital information more readily available, providers deliver more efficient and effective care.

Direct lightens the workload of physicians’ offices by:

  • Streamlining the process of treatment authorizations for non-physician providers – home health, long-term care, therapists
  • Improving communication between members of a patient’s care team

How does Direct benefit the healthcare system as a whole?
Direct reduces the burden on healthcare administration potentially taking the fax machine out of the enterprise.

  • Direct creates communication channels for therapeutic consultation
  • Saves time and money, and reduces adverse reactions

What are some examples of improved communication?
Patients’ hospital discharge information is sent reliably to the next care setting at time of discharge.

  • Currently 75% of PCPs don’t have discharge summaries for patients at their first office visit after discharge
  • Too often physicians find themselves asking the patient “What happened in the hospital?”

Communication between PCPs and specialist referrals is facilitated.

  • Patients are often referred to specialists, including nutritionists and therapists, with little or no information sent with them<
  • Consultation summaries from specialists often do not reach the PCP before the patient does, if at all, or may be filed in the patient record and never seen by the PCP
  • Direct allows important clinical information to be exchanged securely between providers in a timely fashion

Patients are engaged through open access to their own healthcare information.

  • Direct allows for better flow of information to and from patient
  • Patient information can be sent directly to their Direct address or to their personal health record (PHR) portal
  • Can meet MU2 requirement to enable patients to view, download and transmit their health information
  • Can meet MU2 requirement to provide visit summaries
  • Can meet MU2 requirement to provide patient instructions and reminders

Communications with labs improves.

  • Doctors can send orders to lab via Direct
  • Major reference labs have already set up Direct accounts to enable this process
  • Lab results are returned from the lab in structured format and can be incorporated into the EHR

Direct might be used to collect public and population health information, as well as in patient care.

  • Immunization registries
  • Cancer and other disease registries
  • Syndromic surveillance (for example, Centers for Disease Control monitoring of flu outbreaks)

How do I register my Direct email address to be part of the Tennessee Direct Directory?
Visit and select the Directory Registration button. Complete the registration form and you will be added to both the Directory and the map locator.