Sustainability Educator Resources

Tennessee 2018 Science Standards Connections 

Grade 6. ESS3.1. Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources by asking questions about their availability and sustainability.

Activities & Resources

Captain Planet Foundation ecoSTEM Kit: Earth

ecoSTEM kits include cutting-edge project techniques, 3-dimensional learning, citizen science, and the best materials and equipment identified for each project. Mini-stream tables and soil test kits provide the tools for students to observe erosion and analyze soil composition. A drip irrigation kit offers a chance to engineer water solutions in the school garden. Students can investigate decomposition with a see-through composter and minimize cafeteria waste by feeding lunch scraps to worms. Reusable snack cozies will help limit use of disposable plastics. Students will design a stewardship project to recycle, reduce waste, refuse disposables, re-purpose used materials, or create compost to improve soil health.

EPA Guide to Student Food Waste Audits

Activities performed during an audit including project planning, data collection, data analysis, and conducting interviews, can be incorporated into math and science curriculum or used towards community service hours.

Local Programs

Keep Tennessee Beautiful (KTnB)

Since 1983, KTnB has served as a state resource center for litter prevention, community greening, and recycling and waste reduction education.

Urban Green Lab (UGL)

Urban Green Lab is a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that teaches communities how to live sustainable, healthy lives. UGL facilitates learning opportunities that promote a culture of sustainable living in classrooms, households, and workplaces, with a focus on individual responsibility for energy waste, water waste, and food waste.  

Get Food Smart TN

Get Food Smart TN seeks to promote the sustainability of Tennessee’s food resources. Take the pledge to reduce food waste.

Davidson County Compost Bin Program

Metro Public Works offers free Earth Machine compost bins for science education and school gardens for public and private schools in the Metro Nashville Davidson County area. Composting is a fascinating way to observe the process of decomposition. Davidson County public and private schools may apply for a compost bin.