Water Educator Resources

Tennessee 2018 Science Standards Connections 

Grade 3. ESS2.1. Explain the cycle of water on Earth.

Grade 4. ESS3.2. Create an argument, using evidence from research, that human activity (farming, mining, building) can affect the land and ocean in positive and/or negative ways.

Grade 6. ESS2.4. Apply scientific principles to design a method to analyze and interpret the impact of humans and other organisms on the hydrologic cycle.

Resources & Activities

Water Supply Activity

Activity and Display Cards

Captain Planet Foundation ecoSTEM Kit: Water

Kits include cutting-edge project techniques, 3-dimensional learning, citizen science, and the best materials and equipment identified for each project. A water cycle kit enables students to model evaporation and precipitation. Students will use the water quality monitoring kit to investigate stream health by testing physical and chemical parameters or searching for pollution-sensitive macro-invertebrates. Actual samples from the Pacific garbage patch will let students explore how plastic pollution affects our oceans and wildlife. Students can then design and conduct a community education project, marking storm drains to prevent dumping — and making an impact on the local watershed by reminding the community that what goes in the drains ends up in the rains.

Local Programs

Cumberland River Compact

The Cumberland River Compact aims to enhance the health and enjoyment of the Cumberland River and its tributaries through education, collaboration, and action.

TN Watershed Groups

Middle Tennessee State University has compiled a list of watershed associations in TN.

TN Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA)

TSRA’s core mission is protecting clean water and free-flowing rivers in TN.

Adopt a Storm Drain: Nashville 

Using advanced mapping software, volunteers can choose specific storm drains and gutters to adopt based on where they work, live or play. They can then send information to us about debris recovery, real-time conditions such as illegal dumping, potential for flooding, or stolen or vandalized grates.

Adopt a Storm Drain: Memphis 

The City of Memphis Storm Water Program works to encourage public participation and involvement regarding stormwater issues. A great way to get involved is by adopting a storm drain! Name your drain and commit to cleaning up litter and yard waste (e.g., grass clippings and leaves) before it enters the drain.